50 Beds That Your Children Will Want To Have In Their Own Bedrooms

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, perhaps the most important furniture piece to decide upon is the bed. The appearance of the bed frame and bedding will make a massive difference in the atmosphere of your child’s room. 

According to Visual Hunt, factors like age, your child’s interests, and the purpose of the room may determine what bed you choose. For instance, a loft design with a desk underneath would be better for a child in school, while one that has a clear theme may be more fun for a younger kid. When determining which design is right for your child, you’ll need to consider whether a regular bed, a loft, a bunk bed, or a daybed would be best. Additionally, you’ll also have to consider if your kid needs additional storage space and how the bed you choose could help meet that need.

If you’re trying to decide on the right bed for your child, below are 50 options they’re sure to love. 

1. Wooden bed frame

Best for the child who wants a nature or woodsy-themed room, a wooden bed frame is a simple choice that will make the room feel cozier. 

2. Under-the-bed storage

If your child’s room is small and lacks storage space, you could choose a bed with built-in drawers. These could hold things like toys and clothes. 

3. Wooden tent frame

A wooden tent frame over a bed would be great for the child who loves camping or being outside. It would add a touch of fun without being over the top. 

4. White tent frame

Just like a wooden tent frame, one that’s white would also be great for the child who loves camping or the outdoors. A white frame looks best when designed in a room with colorful wall paint. 

5. Bunk bed with storage

If your child often has sleepovers, or if two of your children share a room, you may consider getting a bunk bed. If their room is really cramped, you could choose one with lots of storage under the bottom bed and in the stairs. 

6. Colorful headboard

If your child loves bold colors, you could add a fun headboard to their bed setup. The above piece acts as a focal point in the mostly white room. 

7. Canopy over the bed

Children who love to feel cozy or who want a princess-themed room may adore a canopy that’s hung over the bed from the ceiling. 

8. Loft bed

A loft bed would provide a child with more floor space, as the space underneath the bed could be utilized as a play or study area. 

9. Bunk bed

This simple bunk bed would be great for siblings or a child who loves having sleepovers. This setup could also be taken apart to become two separate twin beds, if desired. 

10. Black metal bed frame

The child who likes a simple look may prefer a black metal bed frame. This bed could fit into any themed room, making it very versatile. 

11. Comfy headboard

The above gray upholstered headboard would be great for the child who loves to read or complete other activities in bed, as they would have a comfortable place to rest their back. 

12. Built-in shelves

To give your child more storage while also creating the appearance of a fort, you could incorporate built-in shelves around the bed. 

13. Dainty details

The above white metal bed has soft, rounded edges that look like a flower. These dainty details would make a child’s bedroom feel more playful. 

14. Under a mural

Placing a simple wooden bed frame underneath a fun mural is an easy way to jazz up your child’s bed. 

15. Centered in the room

The orderly child may prefer to have their bed centered in the room with two matching side tables on either side. You could also add a mural above this bed, like the rainbow in the image above. 

16. Shelf headboard

Instead of using an actual headboard in your child’s space, you could use a small table or shelf. This would allow you to add a reading light directly above your child’s head. 

17. Moody design

The older child may prefer to use neutral tones in their bedding. If that’s the case for your kid, you could pair a wooden bed frame with a dark and solid-colored comforter. 

18. Colorful tones

Or, maybe your child loves a bright pop of color. In that case, the wooden bed frame would still work great, but add some fun colors through the bedding. 

19. Trundle bed

A trundle bed is similar to a bunk bed but the bottom mattress slides out from underneath the top bed. This would be best for a child who has the occasional sleepover.

20. Race car bed

The child who loves the race track would adore this race car bed. This would be a great way to bring in a theme with just one piece of furniture. 

21. Castle setup

This castle bed would blow your child’s mind. Complete with an elegant staircase, a slide, and shelving, this furniture piece alone could complete a room’s design. 

22. Princess bed

To create a princess bed in a royal-themed room, drape a sheer canopy over a delicate, white bed frame. 

23. Nautical theme

A nautical theme could be achieved with the help of a wooden bed frame with drawers and some boat decorations. 

24. Contrasting colors

If your children share a room, you could choose to include two twin beds. To make each child feel like their space is personalized, the bed frames could come in contrasting colors, like black and white. 

25. With a window

Another way to make your child’s bed more fun is by choosing one with a roof and a window. This would make them feel safe and secure while sleeping. 

26. Simple design

The white bed frame design pictured above would work in any themed space. A simple change of bedding would really personalize this piece of furniture. 

27. Dark wood headboard

Choosing to place a dark wooden headboard in a room with light-colored walls will create an interesting contrast and make the bed stand out. 

28. Daybed

Choosing a daybed, which acts as both a couch and a bed, will allow this furniture piece to be used for sleep at night and seating during the day. 

29. Pastel shades

If your child loves peaceful tones, you could use soothing grays and pastels in their room. This daybed has two under-the-bed drawers for extra storage. 

30. Lots of storage

The above daybed also has lots of storage, with a wardrobe, under-the-bed drawers, over-the-bed cubbies, and side shelving. 

31. Built-in bunk bed

If your child wants a bunk bed and you want to make it look more purposeful, you could make it appear built into the wall. To do this, add shiplap on the wall that matches the beds and include a platform with the ladder. 

32. House bunk bed

Another unique bunk bed setup is one that looks like a house, complete with a roof, windows, and shutters. 

33. With a fence

Here’s another example of a house bunk bed, but with an added fence detail. Both these designs also have storage drawers beneath the bottom bunk. 

34. Wooden paneling

A great way to add more interest to your child’s bed frame is by adding wooden paneling on the wall behind the headboard. 

35. Simplistic white headboard

If your child wants a simple design, you could choose to add just a plain white headboard to their bed frame.   

36. Colorful drawers

To add more interest to a bunk bed, you could include rainbow colors on the drawers or the bedding. These different colors could also be useful for siblings who share a bunk bed, as it could help them differentiate between which drawers are theirs. 

37. Black and white

If your child isn’t big on bright colors, you could keep it simple with black and white bedding but add interest through lots of patterns and designs. 

38. Traditional bed frame

This is a simple, traditional bed frame with white paneling and soft details. The added bench at the end of the bed makes the space feel more complete. 

39. Cabin style

A wooden bed frame with whimsical details that appears like it has been hand carved will look like it belongs in a cabin. This would be great for a forest-themed room. 

40. Light blue bed

This small, light blue bed would be great for a toddler. It’s actually a crib that has been converted into a cozy bed setup. 

41. Whale theme

This whale-themed room has a nautical bed with a fun headboard. The buoy above the bed really sells the theme of the room. 

42. Rounded edges

If your child likes the look of a black metal bed frame but wants something a bit softer, you could choose one with rounded edges. 

43. Fabric headboard

The above headboard looks like it’s covered in a cozy blanket or a velvet fabric. This would provide your child with a comfortable place to rest.

44. Inside a cutout

To give your child’s bed a fort-like feel, you could place it inside a small cutout in the wall or in a large furniture piece. The above cutout is shaped like a house and fits the bed perfectly. 

45. Colored bed frame

To give your child’s wooden bed frame more personality, you could paint it their favorite color or a shade that matches the rest of the room. 

46. Wooden daybed

This wooden daybed would be a great space-saving solution for those children who use their bedroom as both a place to sleep and to play. 

47. Princess daybed

A daybed with elegant details in a simple white color would provide your child’s room with princess vibes. 

48. Wooden traditional bed frame

This wooden bed frame is in a traditional style and would look beautiful in just about any room. 

49. Cozy headboard

To make your child’s bed feel cozier and closed in, you could choose a headboard with sides. This would make them feel like they are sleeping in a fort. 

50. Ultimate bunk bed design

This bunk bed has built-in storage, a roof, a window, and a unique staircase. All these details would make this bed extra fun for just about any child.