Alameda Furniture is Here to Help your Home Become your Staycation

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What is there to say about South Florida that has not been saying before? South Floridian Residents love the sunshine state, and the newfound South Floridians are loving their new home site. We can all agree that the South Florida Real Estate Housing Market is a paradise hometown to which so many are migrating, and one that keeps expanding.

Modernizing South Florida home decor and furniture is just fascinating, to say the least.

Additionally, what makes a house a home, is the right home furniture and decor. Home owners always desire to find modern home pieces that will make their house their favorite place to be. That also happens to be Alameda Furniture’s goal. They offer pieces that are not only beautiful to look at but ones that are timeless. This is where the job of any home seller, realtor, or homeowner, is made easy.

The Alameda Team wants to help you start the process worry-free but in the most luxe and Haute way possible.

Alameda is a home furniture store and also a home furniture staging company based in Miami. Their home furniture staging services include furniture staging properties for sale, vacant/occupied home furniture staging as well and vacation furniture rental staging with style and elegance.

Photo Credit: Alameda Furniture

Alameda is Luxury

Their team specializes in high-end furniture that appeals to a global audience. Setting high expectations when it comes to the interior decor of every home is their main concern.

Many of their partnered brand names carry centuries of legacy that can be seen in the craftsmanship of their luxurious furniture pieces. An incredible amount of the pieces are carefully crafted and brought from Europe. Dedication and passion are visibly embedded in the creation of every detail of each of their wonderful pieces.

Luxurious furniture should not only be elegant, but fun! Alameda’s hand-picked partnered brands make Alameda the ambassador of furniture brands designated for the luxury lifestyle aesthetic of today and tomorrow.

Alameda’s Clients Come First

In today’s world, Alameda understands that everyone has an idea of what their ideal home decor should be. At Alameda, custom furniture, custom fabrics, custom wood, and metal details are their specialty.

Their clients’ furniture will have its mark on it – a pure and real representation of their sense of style and interior decor.

It is Alameda’s promise to you.


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Written in partnership with Alameda Furniture