Don’t Miss These Prime Early Access Deals On Miele Vacuums

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In the world of vacuums, certain brands get a lot of love on the internet. Sure, we’ve all heard about the legendary suction power of the Dyson and the Bissell’s dander-busting prowess, but there’s one dirt-sucker that seems to fly under the radar despite its excellent reputation. Yes, I’m talking about Miele.

Pronounced “mee-lee” or “mee-luh,” depending on which Google result you land on, the legacy German company is responsible for a host of top-notch home appliances. But the brand’s vacuums in particular inspire a great deal of fervor from clean freaks like myself.

I’ve had my Miele for close to 10 years, and while it’s starting to show the wear and tear of having vacuumed three apartments and cleaned up after two cats and two children, its suction power and convenient features are still as astonishing to me as the day I brought it home. The design is streamlined and thoughtful — even aesthetically pleasing — and it maneuvers around my home with ease.

While the exact model that I own, the class C1, isn’t on sale right now, the options that are have been glowingly reviewed by satisfied customers. (If my own vacuum wasn’t still working so perfectly, I’d be shopping one of these models.) Ahead, shop the select Miele models that are on sale right now and join the club of happy dirt-destroyers.

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Miele Boost CX1 bagless vacuum

This agile bagless model boasts side wheels for extensive maneuverability, and a hygienic air filter for trapping microscopic particles. It’s designed to clean compact spaces with ease, and features the brand’s universal floorhead in addition to an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and dusting brush. Reviewers advise that the model is best for carpet-free floors.

Promising review: “This is a newer entry into the canister vacuum space from renowned manufacturer, Miele. The Miele Boost is a compact that is designed primarily for smaller homes or spaces though it has the power to be used in larger spaces for sure. It is incredibly well designed and thoughtfully engineered. We have had multiple Dyson uprights and, frankly, this blows them away for my use anyway. We have a mid size ranch that is primarily hardwood flooring with area rugs. This vacuum is a little less than 20lbs and has a great track system for the big wheels. It is very easy to manuever. The suction power is amazing for something so small as it can reach wind speeds of over 60mph. It isn’t loud but it isn’t super quiet either. It gets under and around furniture easily making the job so much easier than an upright. The dirt bin is a bit on the small side here but, again, it is so well done. It is all in one big compartment that pops out of the back easily. A button releases the dirt never getting close to your hands. It is all very clean. There are multiple filters here, all washable. It is just very well done.

“My wife is about as picky as it gets with vacuums. I was impressed but I knew she would be a much harsher critic. She loves this vacuum. I cannot recommend this little guy from Miele enough. Strong strong recommendation.” — HJeffK


Miele Triflex HX1 vacuum

Is this lightweight and flexible cordless model coming for Dyson’s throne? A number of reviewers compared Miele’s Triflex to similar models from the reigning champ of rechargeable cleaning, and found that there were aspects of the Miele that they liked much better. With a powerful HEPA filter and a versatile design that allows the vacuum to telescope from a full-length position to a compact, single-handed size, this battery-powered model seems like it could be a cord-free contender.

Promising review: “What a vacuum! We have all hard floors and I cannot tell you how many stick cordless vacuums we have gone through over the years. This vacuum is everything it says it does and more. Even though we have dogs and cats we chose the top of the line for two reasons. I love that you do not have to keep it plugged into the wall and can easily store the vacuum in the closet out of the way plus having two battery chargers is a real plus. The power is Absolutely amazing. I only use the second speed and it is very powerful. Even sucks the dust bunnies out from under the night stands. The light beam going across the entire front of the vacuum is very bright. I vacuum at night with the lights off and I can see every little piece of cat litter that our cat tracts all over the place. The bonus reason for loving this vacuum is the ease of use. I would never buy a cordless stick vacuum with the dust bin at the top because it is too heavy. This is just a breeze and turns and twists easily. Finally, a vacuum that I love and one that I know will last a long time. Yes, it’s pricy but when I think about all the vacuums over the years that only lasted a year or two this is worth every penny.” — Chazjaz


Miele C1 compact canister vacuum

This is an updated model of the Miele that I’ve owned for a decade, and it boasts the same sleek appearance, convenient features and mighty suction power (the brand’s 1200-watt “vortex motor,” to be exact.) This one has a few extra bells and whistles, like a built-in compartment for three compact brush attachments. It’s also equipped with a wide “universal” brush for hard floors and low-pile carpet, along with the “parquet twister” that will whisper over more delicate surfaces. (I just added the twister to my current setup and can attest to its ultra-gentle motion.) While the discount isn’t huge, I’ll take it.

Promising review: “I have allergies, cats, dogs, kids and grandkids, oh – and a husband. They all love my house. And they make a Big mess. I wouldn’t have anything other than a Miele. The tools are SO conveniently on board. LOVE that. It maneuvers very easily and has lots of power. It’s easy to control the amount of suction. I bought my 1st Miele in the 80’s. They last and last. This one I got because I wanted something new. I still have my old one. I highly recommend.” — Old Blondie