EQ3 and Gryd launch virtual furnishing tech designed to simplify the leasing experience for apartment-hunters

WINNIPEG, MB, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Canadian based companies, EQ3 (designer, manufacturer, and retailer of premium furniture and home goods) and Gryd (property technology company serving industry-leading property managers, owners, and REITs) are pleased to announce their first exclusive partnership surrounding two new innovations in PropTech: Space Designer and 3D V-Commerce Tours.

The Space Designer tool, built for real estate owners and property managers, converts 2D floor plans and virtual tours into interactive 3D models. It is a practical planning tool that allows tenants to envision and execute the design of their next living space with high-end EQ3 pieces that are guaranteed to fit, both physically and stylistically. With Space Designer, users can drag and drop a variety of EQ3’s upholstery, bedroom, dining, and rug pieces throughout a space and seamlessly bring it to life with direct-purchase links for EQ3 products embedded within the 3D experience.

The second PropTech tool curated by Gryd and EQ3, 3D V-Commerce Tours also takes the guesswork out of the leasing and furnishing experience with virtual commerce technology. In collaboration with the leading product visualization platform, Cylindo, 3D V-Commerce Tours puts the virtual staging power in the hands of property owners, allowing them to showcase their properties with stylistically consistent, hyper-realistic virtual EQ3 furniture that attracts their ideal tenants and accurately reflects the quality of their portfolio. This tool also takes the virtual buying experience a step further by allowing users to envision an EQ3-furnished space through an AR or VR headset.

Following a successful launch with Toronto’s Two Avenue Road, luxury residential residences owned by leading global real estate investor and early 3D V-Commerce Tours adopter Oxford Properties, the technology is now positioned to be launched across portfolios nationwide.

“At EQ3 we understand that home is more than four walls. When the time comes to look for something new – being presented with just four walls can be overwhelming. That’s why, partnering with Gryd, we have developed Space Designer & 3D V-Commerce Tours – to help movers find and envision their next space to create a home. We hope these tools make the process of relocation a little more fun and a little less stressful by providing a close to real life experience through 3D virtual tours with real-world furniture and customizable, pre-staged floor plans.” said Dan Gange, EQ3’s Director of E-commerce.

“At our core, we’re passionate about changing the way people experience spaces in a digital world, and this collaboration with a like-minded Canadian company allows us to do just that. By pairing our user-friendly technology with EQ3 furnishings, we’ve made it simpler and easier than ever for renters to visualize spaces, purchase furniture, and apartment hunt, all in one go.” – Josh Glow, Gryd’s Managing Director

Learn more about Space Designer at https://gryddigital.com/space-designer/ and experience 3D V-Commerce Tours here: https://3d.gryd.com/Show/zH69SUHELD9.

About EQ3

In a world of excess, EQ3 is focused on another way forward–one that values quality and never compromises on craft, where thoughtful designs are made to transcend the seasons. We believe in staying mindful of the materials we use, owning the means of our production, and keeping our costs fair and our prices honest. Our designs are made in consideration—we feel strongly about honouring the people who create them and the people who will live with them. Join us on this journey to make the planet a more beautiful place—for this generation and the next.

About Gryd

Gryd is a Canadian-born PropTech company that develops and deploys innovative solutions for industry-leading property managers, owners, and REITs. We strive to design products that create and capture value for our clients and their tenants by harnessing the power of technology. Built by a team of innovators who grew tired of the industry’s outdated, cumbersome systems, our passion at Gryd is fueled by the positive impact of our solutions across portfolios nationwide.