From Drab To Fab! Man Makes $94k Transforming Home Into 1980s Time Capsule

A man has added almost $100,000 value to his property by turning it into an 80s time capsule.

Jonny Carmack, 30, from Danbury, CT, converted his old farmhouse into a pastel paradise using pink, blue, and purple paints. Jonny and his partner Mitchell Pozo, 28, transformed their house for just $15,000 by shopping at estate sales and vintage dealers.

When Jonny purchased the property for $256,000, the walls were white and in need of some “tender loving care”.

Two years on, Zillow has re-valued the home inspired by the American sitcom The Golden Girls is worth $350,000.

Here, you can see Jonny Carmack, 30, his bedroom and Barbie-inspired exterior.

He told Newsweek: “Many people my age long for shiny and new but I wanted my first home to be saturated with history and built on a strong foundation.

“My home was built in the year 1890 and I instantly knew it was ‘the one’.

“Being a creative person, I was also looking for a place that could use some TLC as I have always dreamed of customizing my first home to fit my eclectic style.

“As soon as I stepped into the house and heard the creaky floorboards I knew the place had charm and I instantly felt a pull towards the space.”

While Jonny and his aesthetically pleasing home have become quite popular on social media page @vintageshowpony, it hasn’t always been this way.

He revealed he was often the brunt of jokes growing up because of his love for “feminine” colors.

He said: “I was laughed at and teased during my childhood for wearing pink, liking Barbie, and listening to Britney Spears. Being that more “feminine” colors have always caught my eye, I knew that when I could finally dive head first into my creative well I would do just that.

“But now I finally accepted, we have found a community of amazing vintage lovers who have followed us, and continue to follow us because they feel inspired by our home.

“It is the coolest feeling in the world to hear from people all over the world who love your work and eye for design. Since then I have also begun sourcing pieces for other people who want to achieve a similar goal in their homes.

“My friends and family also love when we host parties because there is just so much to look at!”

The living room before and after.

The vintage dealer describes his home as a Postmodern Miami motel in the 1980s on the inside and Barbie’s Dream Ranch on the outside.

According to The Victoria & Albert – a museum of art and design based in the UK – postmodernism had begun as a radical fringe movement in the 1970s, but became the dominant look of the 1980s, the ‘designer decade’. Vivid color, theatricality, and exaggeration: everything was a style statement.

Jonny added: “When I began looking for furniture, I couldn’t afford to buy brand new and so I took to estate sales to try my luck at finding the perfect pieces for our home.

“I quickly realized that the 1980s was where I wanted to focus my attention when I found an original David Marshall mirror that inspired our entire sitting room area.”

The kitchen before and after.

Jonny states the home was a “blank canvas”. The basic decor gave him the opportunity to express himself.

He said: “We had to pull out all the old, stained carpeting that lined the living room and dining room in order to expose the original hardwood flooring. The molding in the living room was a dark natural wood color and so we painted it white to liven up the space before moving our furniture in. The kitchen was home to a broken microwave, dishwasher, and a dated fridge that leaked from the bottom.

“We quickly replaced the appliances with what was left of our budget, and I was able to find a used bright blue Big Chill refrigerator that we planned the kitchen décor around.

“The walls in every room were originally white which I certainly wouldn’t keep.

“We painted our bathroom pink the day we were given the keys.”

The dining room before and after.

He was influenced by American sitcoms like The Golden Girls, Miami Vice, and various 80s motel interiors.

He adds: “The living room was designed around the pink panther coffee table and Blanche’s bedroom in The Golden Girls.

“The bedroom was designed around the Miss Piggy glamour shot hanging next to the bed.

“The sitting room was designed around the David Marshall Crane Mirror.

“Our kitchen was designed around the blue refrigerator, an item I have dreamed of owning since I was a teenager.

“The office was designed around the lacquer flower table that we use as a desk and the exterior and outdoor spaces of our home were inspired by Barbie and the rodeo.

Amity Worrel, owner of interior design studio, Amity Worrel & Co, in Texas, wrote on her blog: “While many of us were thrilled to leave behind the carpeted bathrooms, brass fixtures, and mauve wallpapers of the 80s, there is an appreciation to be found in many elements of 1980s interior design when examined from a design history standpoint.

“Looking back on the decade’s style with new eyes, I see that metallics and pinks pulled from the escapism of Art Deco while florals and stripes drew inspiration from Regency antiquity. The extravagance of 80s interior design was a reflection of the period, and it happens to be a time many of us would love to return. So, why not do so in our interiors?”