Global Impact Makers! Entrepreneurs And Thought Leaders On A Mission!

We feature some amazing individuals who want to influence and positively impact the world around them.

These individuals all have similar ingredients within including having a clear purpose, they lead with values, they love what they do, they are risk takers, have a positive mindset and they all understand the importance of collaboration. Those featured are from all over the world!

Dr. Ramon E. Peralta, Jr. | CEO | Brand Launcher | Author | Ted Speaker residing in the US is an incredible leader with many accolades and achievements.

In 2023, Ramon and his team will celebrate 15 years since the launch of Peralta Design, their award-winning digital marketing agency headquartered in Shelton, CT, serving a wide range of clients across the US and around the world. Peralta Design’s slogan “We Launch Brands®,” reflects their mission to help entrepreneurs, start-up companies and businesses launch new products and

services in the digital space through creative branding, digital marketing strategies, intuitive custom websites, and compelling video content.

In May of 2017, Ramon accepted the degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, the University of Bridgeport’s highest honour in recognition of his distinguished career and accomplishments. Ramon also holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Bridgeport and is a two-time Tuck MBE executive program alumni. Ramon is a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and currently serves as Alpha’s Chairman of National Publications and Chief Creative Advisor, a first among the Divine Nine Organizations. Ramon currently serves as Co-Chair of the MBE Input Committee (MBEIC) for the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council and has dedicated many hours to speaking to at-risk teenagers in the inner cities and helping small to medium sized businesses launch their brands.

He recently completed his first TEDx Talk aimed at Entrepreneurs called “Fire Yourself” and is the author of Launch Your Brand, The Fastest Way to Supercharge Any Business, based on his popular BrandU series which is available on amazon.

Heidi Stenschke

Heidi Stenschke is a thought leading entrepreneur with a creative and innovative flair creating huge impact on an international scale.

Hypnoga® is a powerful practise that is taking the world by storm! Launched in early 2022, Hypnoga® is popular amongst the local community, recently nominated as a finalist in the Local Business Awards.

The founder and creator of this incredible concept and company is Australian born Heidi Stenschke. A yoga teacher, a hypnotherapist, personal trainer and a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis. Heidi combines her knowledge, skills, and expertise to bring this transformational practise that is ‘wow-ing’ students across the globe.

“What makes this practise so powerful, says Heidi, is that Hypnoga® combines the ancient practises of Hypnosis and Yoga”. In Hypnoga® we engage the body with increased range of motion during a sequence of asana (yoga poses) and empower the mind at an unconscious level with guided hypnotic linguistics and suggestions.Doing this allows the student to become centred and present. Silencing the chatter of the conscious mind and becoming receptive to their own innate, internal wisdom.

Currently, sessions are limited to the local area in Sydney, Australia. International Students join in via an online platform. Hypnoga® is coming to a town near you.

Catherine Murnin

Catherine Murnin is an experienced and qualified senior leader and facilitator in health and wellbeing as well as an Associate in the Health and Social Care Leadership Centre, providing coaching support in leadership programmes.

She founded The Wellbeing Pathway to inspire wellbeing in the places where we live, work, learn and play! As Catherine says, “Wellbeing is a term that is bandied around a lot. Often seen as a fluffy add-on or a marketing tool to encourage us to buy happiness, my work is about working with communities and businesses to be productive, achieve balance, promote positive cultures, and support individuals to have a sense of purpose and achievement”.

Through The Wellbeing Pathway, Catherine develops and delivers a range of programmes focused on the PERMA model of wellbeing: Positive Emotions; Engagement; Positive Relationships; Meaning and Accomplishments.

Her work with businesses, schools, charities, and public sector bodies has helped to create cultures of wellbeing and collaborative opportunities for research, funding, and staff engagement. Catherine is often asked to contribute to blogs, newsletters, and online platforms, as well as invitations to events as a keynote speaker, including a much-anticipated trip to New York in 2023.

Bringing the first TEDx event to her home down in Ireland, Catherine loves to uplift and support others and she shares her experiences and learning through life stories and poetry in her upcoming book, The Wisdom of Wellbeing.

Nicole Harvick

Nicole Harvick is a Forgiveness Expert and Spiritual Wisdom Mentor. She is also a powerful Quantum Healer who believes all healing must start with forgiveness. The modalities she utilizes in her healing practice include Reiki, Sound Therapy, Cellular Memory Healing, and mild Hypnosis to pinpoint stuck energies from ancestral trauma. She also uses Ho’oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice.

Nicole’s mission was to make forgiveness tangible which she did by creating a line of Ho’oponopono products including gemstone bracelets, oils, and candles. All her products are blessed and vibrationally infused with reiki and with sound

She is also an author whose books include “Boy on a Swing” “The Gift of Forgiveness “from the book Unstoppable “The Alchemy of Forgiveness “from the book The Lemonade Stand 2 and “What Are My 5 Love Highlights” form the book 1% More.

Nicole is also a guest on many podcasts where she speaks about the power of Forgiveness and the importance of Self Love. Her goal in 2023 is touch as many lives as possible by helping people understand that forgiveness is what allows you to your walk your path with emotional freedom and grace. Forgiveness is for you!

Nicole has a Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 3PM EST where you can find amazing guests that will speak to you on different subjects.

You can follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube all under her name, Nicole Harvick

Tamara L. Hunter

Tamara L. Hunter lives in Branson, Missouri. A top motivational and inspirational n speaker. The First Global Next Impactor. Founder of a global non-profit online support community Creator of two TV shows, a coach and two-time best-selling author.

A Global Mission for Good!

Have you heard the song, “Imagine?” Have you listened to the words written by John Lennon? I have and I love them. Tamara says:

“My name is Tamara L. Hunter and I do imagine a world living in peace; however, I imagine more. I see a world that embraces the idea of healing through connections. Imagine with me.

I see a world where businesses can exist and thrive while promoting wellbeing. I see corporations, communities, countries that see that it is in their best interest to build to benefit others and in return they see profits increasing to their bottom-line.I believe that we, the citizens of the world, need to understand that we hold the power to create this vision. It is completely possible yet will take work.

I have dedicated my businesses and my life to this vision. This next year, my brands, TV Shows, books, and stage appearances will share the time is now for change.Is this a dream? They called Lennon a dreamer and as he wrote, “I’m not the only one.” Neither am I.

Will you join me? And the world, we the people of the world, will live as one.”

Jacqueline Rooney

Jacqueline Rooney is a multi-award-winning, Irish artist. She creates vibrant, atmospheric, Artwork to enhance interiors and evoke emotion, currently selling her work globally.

After handing in her notice as Head of Art in a busy secondary school to pursue her lifelong ambition to become a professional artist, Jacqueline’s business exploded. Her Artwork has received widespread and awards. She has been featured on UTV, BBC, Belfast Live British Vogue, the Ulster Tatler, Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living magazine, the Belfast Telegraph, front page of the Irish News, The Irish Times and many more.

During the pandemic in March 2020, BBC Presenter of “The Repair Shop” and renowned furniture designer, Jay Blades called her and said he loved Jacqueline’s vibrant Artwork and suggested working together. Following an exciting collaboration, she launched her own collection of luxury homewares and Jacqueline Rooney Art and Home gallery officially opened its doors.

In the first year in business the retail space has doubled from two rooms to four.

Opening at a time of uncertainty, Jacqueline’s gallery was just what was needed, injecting colour, happiness and beauty into the area and a sense of Hope far reaching beyond the walls.

Alexander Walker

Alexander Walker is a User Interface Designer, Consultant, and International Speaker. With proficiency in web design, presentation, and strategy, Alexander uses his skills to advise start-ups and small businesses to grow and scale. Alexander began his journey by spending five years in the insurance industry and used his skills to help his clients achieve financial stability and early retirement.

After being introduced to blockchain technology by the creator of the credit card strip (Ron Klein), Alex began exploring different use cases and now shows his clients how to do the same. Alex is also a writer forweb3domains.coma website dedicated to teaching people about blockchain domain names.

He has been a guest speaker for the Black Data Processing Association and has projects presented at NFTNYC. Within the next year, Alexander plans to expand his consulting business with an emphasis on blockchain technology.

Alex will also be a core advisor for three mobile applications focused on blockchain, fintech, and travel and safety information with one application coming out early 2023.

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