I’m an interior designer, here are the six things to buy now that are going to be on trend in 2023

YOU don’t have to spend a fortune to have a home that’s both practical and stylish.

But if you want to be on trend, there are some things you should probably ditch and a few things you might want to add to your home.

Kiva shared the trends that will dominate 2023


Kiva shared the trends that will dominate 2023Credit: Youtube – DIY with KB

Interior designer Kiva Brent revealed seven home trends that will sky rocket next year and how you can incorporate them into your home now.

She explained: “Some of you will be very happy but most of you will be very upset.”

Plants and greenery

According to Kiva, any designs that incorporate nature into a space are going to be in next year.

So if there was every a time to get down to your local garden centre it’s now.

She suggested: “Maybe consider instead of a normal painting have one that has moss in it and other living things, you can choose plants that are really low maintenance to bring into your home.”

Victorian design

Kiva says: ” It’s a very homey design style,” and this trend incorporates all the best parts of traditional interior trends without it feeling stuffy and old fashioned.

Adding bed skirts, gilding and other traditional elements will be all the range in 2023.

“You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this in your favourite stores and in your favourite influencer’s homes very soon,” the home pro says.

Deep colours

“When you think of neutrals you usually think of black and white, maybe beige,” Kiva explained.

But instead of white walls and beige furniture you should opt for dark greens, browns and blacks for a more trendy look.

Deep colours can add brightness without it being “really in your face” and that could be done in your kitchen, bedroom or living room, the pro predicts.

Wallpaper everywhere

If you love a good roll of wallpaper, it’s good news, the stuff will be everywhere next year.

Kiva reckons that people will use fun wallpaper to replace art in their homes, so finding a pattern that looks chic and fun will be bang on trend.

“Wallpaper holds so much value because it adds colour, it adds pattern, it adds texture, and those are the three things that every space craves,” Kiva says.

Pole wrap

Pole wrap is rolls of slatted wood that you can either add to existing pieces of furniture of buy ready made pieces with that look, and it’s going to be everywhere next year kiva says.

She added: “People love the convenience of it and it looks really good, so why wouldn’t it trend?”

Pastel colours

If deep colours aren’t for you, pastels are also going to be in, according to the interior designer.

However, not everything in pastel shades will be trendy – only more simplistic elements.

“Basically you have to really cool minimalist lines of Scandinavian design, but with pastel colours,” she says.

“Think about what Barbie would live in, but tasteful,” Kiva continued.

Victorian inspired design will be everywhere next year


Victorian inspired design will be everywhere next yearCredit: Youtube – DIY with KB
More clean and white designs will be replaced with more homey feeling trends


More clean and white designs will be replaced with more homey feeling trendsCredit: Youtube – DIY with KB
Plants will be everywhere in 2023, even in art


Plants will be everywhere in 2023, even in artCredit: Youtube – DIY with KB