Interior decor tips to give your home Interior a festive vibe this festival season

The coming weeks are swamped with  Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali  celebrations and the festive season in  India  is special for more reasons than one as it is the time when families come together, special delicacies are prepared and homes are aglow with festive cheer but more than anything else, the grand festive season is a time for decluttering and making space in our homes and hearts for love and prosperity.  Home decor and interiors  undergo rigorous cleaning and at times complete revamps and renovations during festival time.

In an interview with Asense Interior, Mrinmoy Mukherjee, CEO at Asense Interior, suggested some simple tweaks for those in a mood to give their home a makeover this festive season. He said, “Handcrafted items enhance the appeal of the overall decor and add uniqueness to your nests. Macrame wall hangings can be utilized to keep your small planters in place and gives a very bohemian and Indian touch to the decor. To declutter the space, vintage multi-utility drawers can be an add on that will help in keeping all the useful scattered stuff in one place while adding a depth to your home.”

Given that the living room hosts family and friends throughout the festive months, he advised, “Create the perfect look for this room just by changing the soft furnishings. Mix and match colourful cushions with a patterned rug, and it will add a whole new visual dimension to the space. Another tip for the living area would be to go for contrasting or matching cushions in rich fabrics such as velvet, silk, or jacquard. A new set of curtains can bring newness to the space in a matter of minutes. Make sure you keep a few things in mind while choosing the perfect curtains for your house such as picking up the fabric in sheer material that balances out the lighting in the room. Go bold if you want your curtains as a standout feature of the room or you can keep it simple yet elegant to give structure to the whole look and feel of your home.”

Bringing his expertise to the same, Snigdha Ghosh, Design Director at Asense Interior , recommended:

1. Furniture – As furniture takes up a lot of space in the house, selecting pieces that serve double duty help make the room cosy and comfortable for guests and family to huddle together and laugh away. One way to achieve it is by putting the sofas together with lounge chairs around them and creating a relaxed atmosphere during this festive season.

2. Adding different frames – A glass mirror makes your home look sophisticated and chic. Add different sizes of mirrors on the empty wall, especially by the staircase and change the setting a little bit by shuffling frames.

3. Hanging stocking holders – As we are talking about the festive season, Christmas is also not so far, so hanging your stocking with care is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your Christmas decor. You can place them on staircases, windows, and railings wherever you want. Also, you can get some candy cane stocking hangers to add little fun to your decor.

4. Fireproof products – During the festive season, it is necessary to have some products which should be decorated inside homes so that they can protect us from firecrackers as the wooden furniture catches fire quickly. Stainless steel products are also the best option – safe and aesthetically-pleasing. They are also eco-friendly and make the home safe and unique at the same time.

5. Adding new utensils – You can also invest in good quality glass utensils this festival season as we are more indulged in cooking food during the festive season. A classic glass or ceramic dinner set will add to the richness of your home and décor.