k.n. associates’ brick + rcc home in india infuses indian heritage

k.n. associates celebrates indian heritage + contemporary design


In Vadadora, India, K.N. Associates unites traditional Indian design and local Rajasthani craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics for their palatial exposed brick and RCC R-House. The three-level bungalow houses a devout multi-generational family, bringing together spaces of privacy, communal gathering, and quiet worship to curate a conscious lifestyle in line with the ritualistic traditions and practices of its inhabitants.


With both eclectic and elegant sculptures and installations, the architects weave curious artistic interventions and intricate finishes throughout their concept, strengthening the home’s relationship with its culture and heritage. K.N. Associates’ design enforces Vastu principles to establish spatial harmony through the five basic elements which guide the furniture, décor, and interior layout design, enhancing the lives of those living in the home. Further boasting an earthy material palette, the project optimizes natural finishes of local stone, wood, granite and exposed brick to root the structure in its traditional context and create an enduring, spiritual space.

k.n. associates’ brick + rcc home infuses traditional indian heritage with contemporary design
a 20-feet diameter glass cutout serves as a vibrant backdrop | all images by Tejas Shah



rcc, rustic wood + exposed terracotta bricks define the home


Infusing Indian heritage along the R-House’s contemporary brick and concrete façade, K.N. Associates weaves together traditional jaalis (perforated stone screen), jharokas (projecting enclosed balcony) and pergolas on open terraces. Along the porches and balconies, wooden columns, arches and brackets salvaged from old structures in local Gujarat create a jharoka, with intricate carved details which contrast the unornamented geometric volumes that define the exterior. The home is composed of a series of voids, a dynamic variety of stepping horizontal lines, and private, open, and semi-open spaces, arranged to create a C-shaped footprint nestling a courtyard within. This semi-open space serves as a buffer between the living areas and the garden, to be enjoyed in conducive weather.


‘For this devout Rajput family, obeisance to the Gods upon entering the home as well as leaving was an ingrained ritual, integral to their age-old traditions’, explains the team at K.N. Associates. Integrating this daily ritual, the architects devise a Vastu compliant layout, weaving idyllic spaces of prayer and reflection throughout. Leading up to the entrance of R-House, wide ‘floating’ steps pass by a metal cowherd sculpture created by Avinash Gondaliya. Stepping through the home’s entrance, visitors and inhabitants are met with an open worship room flanked by a serene waterbody and separated from the adjacent family room by an insulating, L-shaped brick jaali.

k.n. associates’ brick + rcc home infuses traditional indian heritage with contemporary design
idyllic spaces of prayer and reflection are woven throughout the Vastu compliant layout



eclectic sculptures + interventions infuse a distinct character


From the living room, unobstructed views of the garden outside bring elements of the natural outdoors inside. Sourced locally from Ahmedabad and Vadadora, an antique wooden swing and jharoka (translation), alongside other curated elements of furniture and décor together instil local flavour across the brick, concrete and granite interior. An arrangement of masks form a curious display along the brick wall, meanwhile a polished green Kota teamed with its yellow cousin in a leather finish lay across the granite floor in a pattern imitating a carpet.


Connecting all floors of the R-House in a bold artistic expression is the round pièce de resistance cut-out window, set with blue, yellow and green textured glass which forms a vibrant backdrop to the living space. Measuring 20-feet in diameter with metal supports clad in wood, the statement artwork filters in soft, diluted light, expressing a delicate geometrical pattern that carries through the diagonal lines of the surrounding RCC walls. Adjacent to the staircase, K.N. Associates suspends a 16-feet-tall art installation by Hemanshi Patwa, which further exudes color into the space through its large lotus leaves made of blown glass.

k.n. associates’ brick + rcc home infuses traditional indian heritage with contemporary design
the worship room is flanked by bodies of water, and separated from the living room by an L-shaped brick jaali



The first floor hosts three bedrooms and a vast common space furnished in reclaimed wood. Supported by double-height beans, the open space utilizes a large window and is protected from the sun by motorized blinds sandwiched between glass. The parents’ master bedroom opens out onto the garden below, with an intimate porch supported with antique wooden pillars and topped by a pergola. Inside, the bedroom features refined finishes including a wicker ceiling, brass etching on the traditional bed back and louvred wardrobe shutters. A gym, a guest bedroom, and a home theatre with exposed brick walls and wooden floor comprise the second floor. Exhibiting artworks embracing Indian heritage and culture, the rear wall has been painted with monuments of Baroda, while another wall exhibits a collage of children playing marbles.

k.n. associates’ brick + rcc home infuses traditional indian heritage with contemporary design
the master bedroom’s intimate porch is supported with antique wooden pillars and topped by a pergola