Meta Quest Pro hands-on: The amazing VR headset that isn’t made for you

Aside from Google’s phones, the Meta Quest Pro might be the worst-kept secret in tech right now. The headset has been leaked for months now, and while I learned plenty of new information at a special hands-on event in New York City, I primarily came away with an experience that has to be used to fully understand. Not unlike the rest of the VR experience, really.

The Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s next-gen VR headset aimed squarely at the enterprise and, in general, is not really meant as a consumer VR headset. Sure, any consumer can walk into a store and pick one up, but the staggering $1,500 price tag will make all but the very wealthiest of us shudder. It even works with all the best Quest 2 games (opens in new tab) and software, so if you just absolutely must have the latest and best, this is most assuredly the VR headset you’ll want to pick up.