Miller Paint Sees Warmth As Trend, Selects UNITY For 2023 Color Of The Year

It has been a difficult few years for everyone, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, COVID has been subsiding, and people are looking to get together with family and friends again.

This is a clear trend, and one that Miller Paint and its Color & Brand team, led by Puji Sherer, Miller Paint’s Vice President of Marketing, Color & Brand, have observed. As a result, the Pacific Northwest’s leader in paint manufacturing for the past 132 years, has selected UNITY|R129 as its 2023 Color of the Year, which Sherer said represents the warmth of coming together in community.

“Unity is a warm neutral with hints of pink and peach and brown, like clay terracotta,’ Sherer said. “We are seeing a shift from cooler neutrals like grey or stark whites to warmer neutral colors. Unity is part of our new Pacific Northwest collection, which features 132 colors, one for every year of Miller Paint. We also have created a color trend palette that works well with Unity.”

The supporting colors for Unity|R129 from the Northwest Color Collection include the following, along with the description from Miller Paint:

• Chick Pea Please|R128 – A playful peach hue and the next top-to-bottom neutral

• Zea Flour|R009 – A warm white with a touch of gold, this color sings on trim and whispers on walls

• Heathered Herb|R050 – Brassy but not too bold, this yellow-green refuses to be just an accent color

• Buried Fossil|R057 – More interesting than gray and more muted than green, this complex hue changes with light and scale

• Midnight Surf|R095 – The neutral version of navy, this muted blue turns up the volume on sophistication and elegance

Sherer noted that Unity is a significant change from the past two years.

“Unity is really pretty different,” said Sherer. “In 2021, we selected Simple Serenity, which is a light blue, symbolizing health and wellness. In 2022 the choice was Desiree, a soft lavender, which is representative of renewal and hope. Unity is symbolic of connection and gathering.”

Sherer said that when selecting the Color of the Year, the Color & Brand team at Miller Paint looks at multiple trends.

“We look at what is trending in interior design, including home décor, surfaces and furniture, as well as other industries like apparel, fashion and automotive,” Sherer observed. “Apparel and fashion move really quickly. We also look at what’s trending in arts and crafts, such as handmade ceramics, macrame and gardening, as well as social and cultural influences. We ask ourselves what the one color is that represents all of this.”

This year, Unity was the color that best fits the mood.

“Interior design is moving toward warmer hues – people spent so much time at home during COVID, and warmer colors can connect you to your home and your family,” Sherer observed. “As we move away from COVID, people are looking to be together, and are once again gathering with loved ones to enjoy special moments.”

Sherer noted that homeowners can get a sense of the colors by checking out the Miller Paint website.

“I always recommend that people go to our website to get real-life color inspiration,” Sherer noted. “We try to feature only real Pacific Northwest homes that use our palette – it gives an authentic look at how the paint will look. We also have a lot of fun ‘How To’s’ –paint projects, murals, furniture – for a weekend project.”

Sherer said that picking the Color the Year is such a rewarding experience.

“There’s a process to it, and it shows how much the world changes during a year,” she added. “That’s what I love about it. Color is transformative; it can enhance our well-being and express our creativity.”