seats & vases of ‘proporzione mediterranea’ reflect the vaulted houses in amalfi coast

proporzione mediterranea by annarita aversa


Milan-based architect Annarita Aversa, the founder of Architetti Artigiani Anonimi, presents Proporzione Mediterranea, a collection of seating and vases that reflect her vernacular architecture study of Mare Nostrum (the Mediterranean Sea), specifically the vaulted houses of the Amalfi coast. The anthology draws from the wisdom of Mediterranean vernacular masterpieces conveyed as tokens of heritage preservation that circle back to what Aversa calls ‘a return to the origins and essence of architecture.’


Inspired by the distinctive houses with vaulted ceilings that dot the Amalfi Coast, the collection includes a daybed, a sofa, a bench, and a selection of vases whose soft curves, waving figures, and minimal design provoke the viewers’ minds to think back to the mellow rhythm of the Mediterranean Sea. The exhibition is on view from September 30th to October 29th, 2022 at Giustini / Stagetti gallery in Rome, Italy.

Proporzione Mediterranea by Annarita Aversa
images courtesy of Giustini/Stagetti Gallery | photos by Omar Golli



synthesis between human proportions and human needs


Annarita Aversa hopes that she managed to conceive her collection Proporzione Mediterranea as a call upon the synthesis between the harmony of human proportions and human needs, desires, dreams, and abilities through essential furniture. Colored terracotta and hand-worked wrought iron play with the tune of solids and voids, slowly being shaped from their raw foundations to objects that adorn one’s home.


A rediscovery of the intimate relationship between people and their inhabited space becomes the lyrics Aversa sings that resulted in sculptural works. As she explains: ‘Conceiving internal and external space and its furnishings as a total unicum, strongly linked to the context, has always steered my work, particularly in this collection. The purpose of the project is to remind architects of the reasons behind our so very delicate task in an era often littered with disorienting images.’

Proporzione Mediterranea by Annarita Aversa
Vase 01



architectural Gesamtkunstwerk as an inspiration


The architectural Gesamtkunstwerk inspires Proporzione Mediterranea by Annarita Aversa that creates a natural play of light and shadow, underlining her intent to merge the world of architecture and design. Ceramic and metal push and pull, only to culminate into benches set along the edges of coastal terraces. Produced in Vietri sul Mare, the epicenter of ceramic art and design on the Amalfi Coast, the modular seating pieces recall the balance between technique and form which influence and extend the space the pieces dominate.


Aversa even calls her design ‘architectural dreams’ whose ‘skin’ opens the prelude of space, light, and water synthesizing. The design echoes the intimacy of vaulted spaces, highlighting the skillful modeling of the raw materials, lending grace and meaning to every creative decision.

Proporzione Mediterranea by Annarita Aversa
Proporzione Mediterranea by Annarita Aversa

Proporzione Mediterranea by Annarita Aversa
Bench 01