Shanghai PTArchitects have created an urban/commercial development selecting local materials to help the audience fully experience the important history of the Fujian culture

Fuzhou, Fujian District, China

Built above Suyang Metro Station in Fuzhou City, Shanghai PTArchitects’ Gemdale Megacity is the demonstration area of a residential development occupying a plot area of about 12,000 square meters that showcases at its best Fujian district’s history and culture.

Gemdale Megacity by Shanghai PTArchitects

The Gemdale Megacity project  has recently been awarded a 2022 International Architecture Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies

The architect’s initial motto was “tell the story of time, and inject culture into the venue.”

Classic brick arches are used as major elements, to enhance the sense of order and ritual for the venue.

The architects adopted a variety of bricklaying methods and utilized neat metal lines to beautify the edges, showing a rigorous sense of craftsmanship.

Gemdale Megacity by Shanghai PTArchitects

By using parametric design tools, the design team tried 16 distinct standard bricklaying approaches, hence realizing the varying visual effects of different surfaces, and highlighting spatial transitions.

The design team organized a clear route to link a series of continuous spaces, including Liberty Square, Scholarly Steps, Quiet Garden, Half Atrium, Art Street, Tree Array Theater, Meditation Courtyard, and Vitality Park.

These diverse scenes endow the demonstration area with multiple attributes, thus creating a free, inclusive, and highly interactive venue for socializing, similar to a college campus.

The site of Gemdale Megacity is in the university town that was considered and assisted in finally defining the project as a campus-style community public space.

Gemdale Megacity by Shanghai PTArchitects

In order to match the red bricks of the building, the Rusty Slate and textured stones are applied to express the roughness which likes the sense of the historical culture.

In addition, stainless steel lettering is used to reflect the exquisiteness of the design and the fashion sense of community commerce.

Through the contrast of the two textures of roughness and exquisiteness, a unique public space of campus style is formed.

The most representative cultural symbol is engraving words in the project, which combined with each theme as a unique decorative element to create the local cultural and historical atmosphere.

Project: Gemdale Megacity
Architects: Shanghai PTArchitects
Design Team: Yu Xiaolei, Zhang Lifu, Wang Xin, Peng Xinxuan, Wang Jie, Qian Kuan, and Li Zongmin
General Contractor: Xiamen Wanlishi Architectural Decoration Engineering Company
Client: Gemdale Group (Fujian Subsidiary)
Photographer: Shrimp Studio and Wu Tao