The 8 of Best Indoor/Outdoor Rugs of 2022, Tested by PEOPLE

If you’ve ever watched HGTV or scrolled through the many, many beautifully-designed homes on Instagram and TikTok, you’ve likely noticed that, nowadays, many people like to bring homey elements into their outdoor spaces. If you’re not quite ready to splurge for a sparkling chef-grade outdoor kitchen, a simple way to make your outdoor spaces a touch cozier is with a high-quality indoor/outdoor rug. Of course, with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which are actually worth clicking ‘Add to Cart.’ 

To help streamline the indoor/outdoor rug shopping process, we took on the project of researching and testing the industry’s top contenders. In doing so, the PEOPLE Tested reviewers considered all of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for an indoor/outdoor rug, including size, material, durability, pile, ease of cleaning, and more. After testing dozens of different popular indoor/outdoor rugs, we found that the Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Rug at Home Depot is the be-all, end-all of the category thanks to its durability, size, and color selection. 

Keep reading for the best indoor/outdoor rugs.

Best Overall:
Safavieh Outdoor Rug Beige

Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Rug Beige



  • It’s not the most padded, so you can feel the ground underneath, especially if it’s bumpy

  • It doesn’t dry out quickly and will remain wet overnight

The Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug tops our list for its durable, low-pile design that’s sold in eight sizes (including rectangle, square, runner, and round options) and 10 colors. “The quality of this rug is really nice — no loose snags or threads, which, given the detail of the weave, is impressive,” one reviewer shared. “I can tell that it is made really well.”

Made of polypropylene (a synthetic fiber), the indoor/outdoor rug is designed to weather high traffic and the elements. That said, while it’s able to withstand all temperatures, the rug is only water-resistant (not waterproof), so it’s best to bring it inside during heavy rain and snow. We found that this rug, despite being designed for outdoor use, takes a long time to dry out. After soaking it and letting it sit out, it remained drenched the next day, further illustrating why this rug is great for dry outdoor weather but best kept inside when precipitation enters the forecast. 

Beyond its durability and weather resistance, this rug is quite convenient, as it’s designed to be used without a rug pad. When used on flat, smooth, clean surfaces, it serves as a great, comfortable barrier between foot and ground. If any rocks, divots, or bumps are present, though, we found that you can easily feel them underfoot, as this rug isn’t super padded. “It doesn’t hurt to walk on the rug [when there are rocks underneath], it’s just uncomfortable,” one reviewer shared. 

Last but not least, we love this rug for its easy-to-clean design. While you can’t toss it in the wash, we found that it can easily be swept, vacuumed, or spot-cleaned using an outdoor garden hose. 

Price at time of publish: $240.77 (9’x12’)

Sizes: 8 | Colors: 10 | Material: Polypropylene and Polyester | Waterproof: No | Washable: Yes; use a garden hose to clean.

Dera Burreson

Best Washable:
Ruggable Border Braid Sand Re-Jute Rug

Ruggable Re-Jute



  • It’s a bit challenging to sweep

  • While waterproof, it’s not entirely mold-proof

Ruggable is known for its high-quality machine-washable rugs and now, the brand has released an array of outdoor rugs that can be used outside or within the home. The sustainably-made rugs are made with up to 180 recycled plastic water bottles and feature a cover and rug pad. 

Surprisingly, despite having a plastic composition, you can toss the rug cover in the washing machine and tumble-dry it on low. (The rug pad can only be spot-cleaned with soap and water.) Though, if you’d prefer to air-dry your rug (or if your dryer simply isn’t big enough to contain it), the brand also recommends hanging it on a line under the sun. Of course, if your rug isn’t dirty enough to warrant a water-based wash, you can always sweep, vacuum, or wipe it down. That said, in our testing, we found that while it’s easy to spot clean and wipe down, it’s a bit trickier to sweep, as dirt gets trapped between the weave. 

Texturally, we found this indoor/outdoor rug to feel extremely smooth underfoot. While it doesn’t fully shield against bumps and lumps beneath, it does so adequately enough that it remains comfortable to walk on and across. 

Price at time of publish: $319 (5’x7’)

Sizes: 5 | Colors: 2 | Material: Recycled Plastic Water Bottles | Waterproof: Yes | Washable: Yes; machine-washable

Dera Burreson

Best Budget:
Walmart Better Homes & Gardens 5′ x 7′ Multi-color Striped Outdoor Rug

Better Homes & Gardens 5' x 7' Multi-color Striped Outdoor Rug



  • Extremely high quality especially for the price

  • It’s designed with great grip, so it stays in place

  • Shows no signs of wear and tear when dragging furniture across it


  • It’s lightly colored, so it could potentially get dingier sooner

  • Slightly scratchy underfoot

  • Doesn’t dry out quickly

The BHG Striped Rug features a pale beige background woven with sections of colorful stripes. Made of polypropylene and polyester, it’s very durable, though not entirely water- or weather-proof. Still, we found the quality of the rug to be superb — even in regards to the tassels, which tend to be one of the biggest headaches when it comes to rugs of all kinds. 

Logistically, this indoor/outdoor rug is lightweight (even in a larger 5’x7’ size). Texturally, it’s rather smooth but a tiny bit scratchy, and it’s not particularly thick or padded. “I was able to feel the rocks underneath but it wasn’t painful to walk on them,” one reviewer revealed during testing. Still, we found it to be soft enough for both indoor and outdoor use. It also stays in place like a champ, even without a rug pad. “This rug has good grip — it stayed in place when wiping my feet,” our reviewer shared. “When moving the chair and planter, it did move slightly but it was easy to pull it back flat. Plus, there was no damage to the rug from dragging the furniture.”

The biggest thing to keep in mind when shopping for this rug is that it’s not necessarily designed for endless use. While it held up well in our tests, we did find that it absorbs stains and makes it rather difficult to remove them by blotting and brushing. “This is a great price for a rug, but I am not sure how many seasons it would last — but even if it was just one, you will get your money out of it,” our reviewer shared during testing.

Price at time of publish: $57 (5’x7’)

Sizes: 3 | Colors: 1 | Material: Polypropylene and Polyester | Waterproof: No | Washable: Yes; spot-clean with a hose

Dera Burreson

Best Reversible:
Urban Outfitters Tillie Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Tillie Rug

Urban Outfitters


  • Pretty, bold design

  • It’s sustainable, as it’s made of 100 percent recycled plastic

  • Easy to clean

  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • It can only be spot-cleaned

  • For being reversible, the sides of the rug aren’t vastly different from each other

Designed entirely of recycled plastic water bottles, this indoor/outdoor rug holds up particularly well to weather and water alike. While it’s not marketed as being waterproof, we found that it dried out easily during our testing and held up well when left out in the elements. And, in the event that it got dirty, we found that it was quite easy to sweep and wipe clean. “There was no need to scrub [stains] since wiping did the trick,” our reviewer revealed, noting that it’s a very manageable rug.  A very manageable rug. 

Somewhere where this rug falls short, though, is that it’s quite thin, so it doesn’t shield against underlying rocks and debris. As such, it’s best to sweep the area you plan to place this rug, and opt for a smooth, flat surface overall. Another shortcoming is the fact that, while it’s reversible, the two different sides aren’t all that different — so don’t expect this rug to drastically shift your space’s personality just by flipping it over. 

Price at time of publish: $89 (4’x6’)

Sizes: 2 | Colors: 1 | Material: Recycled Plastic Water Bottles | Waterproof: Yes | Washable: Spot-clean only

Dera Burreson

Best Textured:
West Elm Reflected Diamonds Indoor/Outdoor Rug

West Elm Reflected Diamonds Outdoor Rug

West Elm


  • Only sold in one size and color

  • You can easily feel rocks and debris beneath it if not placed on a clean, smooth surface

  • Difficult to sweep

Most indoor/outdoor rugs are quite flat and smooth. That said, if you’re in the market for a textured indoor/outdoor rug, you can’t beat this one from West Elm. The thick, reversible rug feels more like fabric than a rug, which we found to be particularly comfortable to walk on. That said, because it doesn’t have a solid backing, it doesn’t fully shield from debris underneath, so it’s best to pair it with a rug pad or to ensure that it’s only placed on clean, smooth ground. What’s more, because it doesn’t have a backing, it moves around a bit more than other indoor/outdoor rugs we tested, but not so much that it’s a major deterrent. 

Overall, this rug looks notably more luxe than other indoor/outdoor rugs on our list, all thanks to its thick, textured, multi-colored design. Unfortunately, it’s only sold in one size (a large runner) and color. Still, given its gorgeous appeal and comfortable design, we found that it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to add texture and floor protection to their home. 

Just keep in mind that due to its thick, uneven texture, it’s pretty much impossible to sweep, so you’ll either have to shake it out or vacuum up any debris that makes its way onto it. 

Price at time of publish: $89.99 (2.5’x7’)

Sizes: 1 | Colors: 1 | Material: Recycled Polyester | Waterproof: No | Washable: Spot-clean only

Dera Burreson

Best Design:
Rifle Paper Co. Monstera Cream Outdoor Rug

Rifle Paper Co. Rug

Rifle Paper Co.


  • Very lightweight and lies flat as a result

  • It has a rubber bottom that drastically reduces the feel of debris underneath

  • The rug is completely slip-proof — it stayed put in every scenario


  • Designed to be spot-cleaned only

  • It’s not waterproof, nor is it marketed as water-resistant

  • It’s on the pricier side (though worth it for the quality)

The Rifle Paper Co. Monstera Cream Outdoor Rug is beautiful — point blank. It’s designed with a trendy monstera print and is made entirely of wool. While the rug itself is a single fabric, it’s lined with a polypropylene backing, which makes it remarkably steadfast — it didn’t budge from its original placement during any of our testing. Although it’s marketed for indoor and outdoor use, it’s important to note that it’s spot clean only and says nothing in regards to being weather- or water-proof. As such, we didn’t leave it out overnight to find out. That said, it does claim to stand up to the elements, so as long as it doesn’t involve precipitation, we believe that this gorgeous rug, which is easy to sweep and vacuum, will wear well over time. 

Price at time of publish: $360 (5×7’6)

Sizes: 6 | Colors: 1 | Material: Wool and Polypropylene | Waterproof: No | Washable: Spot-clean only

Dera Burreson

Best Easy Clean-Up:
Burke Decor Beige Isle Rug

Burke Decor Beige Isle Rug

Burke Decor


  • Soft top and slip-proof bottom, which makes it comfortable and safe to walk on

  • Easy to wash down with a hose

  • Designed to withstand the elements


  • Holds kinks after being rolled up

  • You can see and feel debris underneath if it’s not placed on a totally smooth surface

  • Bunches slightly when you drag things across it

  • Doesn’t dry quickly

Crafted with treated polypropylene yarn, the Burke Decor Beige Isle Rug is designed to stand up to the elements, whether they include beating sunlight, wind, or rain. Thanks to its ability to hold up well to water, this indoor/outdoor rug is also particularly easy to wash, as you can just hose it down. If dark stains arise, we found that it helps to work them out with a little soap and scrubbing. Even if you use extra friction to remove the stain, though, we found that the rug shows no sign of wear or tear. “No damage was done to the fibers of the rug,” our reviewer says.  Just keep in mind that, while it’s easy to clean, it doesn’t dry out quickly, so it’s best to drape it over a line and let it air dry in the sunlight. 

Price at time of publish: $149 (5’3”x7’7”)

Sizes: 5 | Colors: 1 | Material: Polypropylene | Waterproof: Not advertised | Washable: Yes, with a hose

Dera Burreson

Best Knit:
Pottery Barn Chunky Knit Sweater Performance Indoor/Outoor Rug

Pottery Barn Chunky Knit Sweater Performance Indoor/Outoor Rug

Pottery Barn


  • Fuzzy woven texture is difficult to spot-clean

  • Small debris gets caught in the thin treads easily

  • It’s a notably more expensive option

If your idea of the perfect indoor/outdoor rug is one that’s neutral, thick, and cozy — not to mention sold in rectangular and round options — this offering from Pottery Barn is a great choice. It’s half an inch thick and made of recycled polyester sourced from recycled water bottles, so it’s sustainable, too. Thanks to its thickness, it cushions against most debris beneath it, though you can still feel it ever so slightly (but not so much that it’s wildly uncomfortable). 

Beyond its look and feel, this rug stays put and provides a nice barrier between the ground and whatever’s on top of it. That said, it’s best used in very clean areas, as small debris easily gets caught up in the fuzzy strands of yarn. Because of this, we found the rug particularly difficult to sweep and clean as a whole. While you can vacuum away dust and debris and scrub stains, doing so can disrupt the fuzzy weave and potentially lead to snags. 

Price at time of publish: $599 (5’x8’)

Sizes: 5 | Colors: 1 | Material: Recycled Polyester | Waterproof: No | Washable: Yes, spot-clean only

Dera Burreson

Things to Consider


When shopping for indoor/outdoor rugs, you’ll want to think about the size and shape of your space. Something too small will feel misplaced and not provide enough coverage and cushion, and something too large simply won’t fit (literally and aesthetically). Nowadays, many rugs are sold in various sizes and shapes, so consider using a tape measure to determine which size will best suit your space. You can even test out how the rug will look in your space by taping off the exact size of the rug you intend on purchasing and examining how the dimensions feel.


When it comes to indoor/outdoor rugs, some materials are more durable than others. Generally speaking, rugs made of polypropylene (like the winning Safavieh offering) will hold up the best to water, weather, wear, and tear. Meanwhile, materials like wool will be the most susceptible to wear and tear and don’t fare well if left out in the rain.

Ease of cleaning

The size and material of your indoor/outdoor rug will determine how easy it is to clean. Typically, polypropylene and other forms of recycled plastic are easiest to clean, as they can often be not just spot cleaned, but hosed down and thrown in the wash, too. 

When shopping for an indoor/outdoor rug, keep in mind how much traffic it will get and what kind. Do you have kids or pets that tend to track in dirt and debris? If so, you’ll want to opt for the most durable, easy-to-clean rug possible. 


Indoor/outdoor rugs typically go on sale after the summer season. As such, there’s no time like early fall to tap into deals to snag a high-quality rug at a fraction of the price. While many indoor/outdoor rugs can vary in price based on the season (expect anywhere from $40 to $2000), it’s worth noting that some are excluded from all sales — it just depends on the retailer and brand.

How We Tested

To uncover the best indoor/outdoor rugs, we researched the top-rated SKUs on the market. Once narrowing down the list of best-sellers, we found that there were 30 worth putting to the test. When testing each rug, we rated it on a scale of one to five for quality, texture, durability, ease of cleaning, and overall value. When testing for each category, we considered the materials that the rugs were made with, whether or not they were washable, how easy they were to spot clean, and so on. We also weighed how well they stayed in place and how adequately they cushioned against the ground and any debris laying there. In doing so, we whittled our list of 30 top-selling indoor/outdoor rugs down to the eight best indoor/outdoor rugs of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it okay to use an outdoor rug indoors?

    Indoor/outdoor rugs are those that can be used in both areas. That said, some outdoor rugs are so soft and smooth that people often wonder if they can be used inside — or if you specifically need an outdoor rug. According to Therese Germain, Director of Core Product at Ruggable, outdoor rugs can easily be used inside. In fact, many indoor/outdoor rugs are designed with outdoor use in mind first and foremost, as they’re meant to stand up to the elements. That said, Germain says it’s never a good idea to use an indoor rug outside, as they’re not designed for such wear and tear.

  • Do indoor/outdoor rugs work well in entryways?

    Since indoor/outdoor rugs are so universal, they work especially well for entryways. “Indoor/outdoor runners work perfectly inside of the entryway, especially when tracking in dirt and grime,” Germain says. “Indoor/outdoor rugs are also great for layering underneath your doormat to add some depth to your front, back, or side doors.”

  • Do outdoor rugs get moldy underneath?

    When testing the rugs on our list, we paid close attention to how well they dried out after getting soaked. This is important because stagnant moisture can lead to mold. According to Germain, even if a rug is waterproof or water-resistant, it shouldn’t be left in heavy downpours or drenched for prolonged amounts of time. Typically, rugs stay wet when laying on the ground. So, if you don’t want to pull your rug in when it rains, just commit to hanging it up post drizzle or rinse down to ensure it can adequately dry out. Doing so will prevent mold growth.

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