The Best Rug Pads for 2022

If you own a rug or carpet of any kind of flooring, you’ll find rug pads useful in your home. Laying your cherished rug straight on the floor might be dangerous for both the rug’s longevity and the safety of the occupants in your home.

This is why we advise purchasing rug pads, to preserve the integrity of your floor and increase comfort and safety for your feet.

What is a rug pad?
A rug pad is a sheet of material positioned beneath floor rugs (typically between the floor and the rug) to give a firm basis for rugs and help them stay in place.

It is often produced from rubber for wood or tiled floors or PVC for carpet flooring. Rug pads are particularly helpful for holding down floor rugs that are installed on various kinds of floors.

Benefits of a rug pad
Rug pads are used to maximize the use of your rug while offering several advantages linked to the protection of rugs, as well as flooring.

The benefits of a rug pad include improving ventilation, shielding the rug and floor from harm, stabilizing the rug to prevent slippage and bunching, and padding the floor, among several others.

Rug pads help the rug last longer in addition to putting a layer of protection between the rug and the floor. The rug pad’s slightly sticky covering holds the fibers together when you vacuum, which is something area rugs require frequently to stay clean.

Additionally, rug pads lessen friction and extend the lifespan of your carpeting. Without a rug pad, wear and tear from rubbing up against the floor when cleaning the rug will be visible. Your floor won’t have to take the brunt of the wear because your rug won’t slide around when you use a rug pad.

It is extremely essential to purchase a rug pad in addition to a new rug or even one to use with your existing rug if your home accommodates pets and vibrant children.

Rug pads perform even more; they increase a room’s insulation, which h is quite helpful during the winter.

Additionally, cleaning challenging spots is simple thanks to the rug pad’s function as a buffer between the floor and the rug. Rug pads also help to prevent bunching or gathering, which could cause long-term harm to your handcrafted rugs.

Grip-only vs. padded
Rug pads come in three varieties: grip-only, grip-plus-cushion, and cushion-only. A grip-only rug pad is the best option to purchase for your outdoor carpets because it won’t absorb any wetness.

The grip-only rug pad keeps a modest profile when used in high-traffic areas or for rugs that extend under doors.

Conversely, padded rug pads are ideal for rooms that kids frequently visit in the house. They are also perfect for rooms like study rooms because they reduce noise. The grip plus cushion rug pad is what you get if you combine the best features of both of these types of rug pads.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you’d need to decide on whether a grip-only or padded rug pad works best for you.