This House Might Just Be Dallas’ Most Instagrammable Airbnb

When influencer Sarah Mize of Dallas Love List (@dallaslovelist) set out to create an Airbnb where her followers could enjoy a slice of the Big D, she enlisted interior design firm Yates Desygn to bring her brand to life. Principal Bryan Yates incorporated a mix of locally sourced custom showstoppers (like a trio of Ever Atelier vinyl wallpapers); attainable, budget-friendly furnishings reupholstered in performance fabrics for longevity; and of course, plenty of ’grammable moments. The 2,500-square-foot party pad features a fully equipped kitchen, a garage that doubles as an entertaining space, and plenty of seating—all in eye-catching colors and prints. 

“We wanted someone to transform and feel like they’re in this kind of magical place,” says Yates of the once-in-a-lifetime assignment. “It was a blast to work on.” 

Yates worked closely with Mize over the nine-month project to redo the space into the ultimate bachelorette party or girls’ weekend spot, putting thought and care into every space. The devil’s in the details here, so we talked to Yates about what folks should know about the property before you book. 

There’s plenty to do here. 

While the house caters to out-of-town guests visiting Dallas, it’s also a great spot for a staycation. Besides the to-die-for karaoke space, there’re tons of board games, a pool table, a record player, and a TV in every room. 

The house is built for your Instagram feed. 

Just one look at the property’s Instagram (@staylovelist) will show you everything you need to know about the bounty of picture-perfect vignettes. They wanted to create plenty of Instagrammable moments, Yates says, like the ombre staircase and disco-ball-decked karaoke room. Even the jewel box bathrooms were finished out for selfies. In the downstairs bath, they created a custom design inspired by “all of the fun different things around town that are so iconic,” Yates says.

But it still has everything you need.

From the amenity-filled bathrooms (think plush pink Pottery Barn towels and toiletries) to the queen-sized bunk beds, the home was made to keep its guests comfortable. “We were trying to captivate that boutique feel,” Yates says. There are seating areas everywhere and the modular couch in the living room “can be configured however you want.” Plus, the kitchen’s stocked with pans, silverware, and plenty of colorful wine glasses. “So when guests come to stay, they feel like they’re at home.”

It’s bright and colorful for a reason. 

“It’s not every day do we paint everything pink and have a pink sofa or an ombre stair,” Yates says. “So I feel like we really were able to inject more color than you probably would feel comfortable with in your own space.” Yates says they tried to bring the Stay Love List look to life through the walls and prints—like using the colors of the brand to pick paints for the rooms and hanging Mize’s photography throughout the house. 

They used local makers and accessible brands. 

Yates used local sources and artists wherever possible. Align Studios created a piece in the living room. Molly Keen did the mural in the garage. He worked with local designer Ever Atelier to create custom vinyl (read: wipeable) wallpapers. However, he also sourced pieces from more affordable shops and big-box stores, like Favor the Kind, Neighborhood, and Crate and Barrel. They wanted the house to be accessible, Yates says, so if renters loved the look, they could go and buy them for themselves. 


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