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Thuma is a company all about thoughtful craftsmanship and creating sophisticated products for modern living. Although they do sell a mattress, clothing, and other accessories, their bed frame, named “The Bed,” is the piece of furniture that’s garnered the company the most attention. 

It’s gained popularity for its sleek, high-quality platform design using Japanese joinery, along with the company’s promise for easy assembly. But is it the best bed frame for you? That’s what I hope to help answer in this review. Keep reading for all the details or skip down to my summary if you’re in a hurry. 

Thuma Bed Frame

Thuma Bed Frame

The Bed by Thuma is the company’s platform bed frame. It’s gained popularity for its sleek, modern design and how easy it is to assemble. It comes in multiple colors in either a PillowBoard or Headboard model.

“The Bed” by Thuma in the color walnut with the light linen PillowBoard.

Do I Need a Bed Frame?

First things first, what exactly is a platform bed frame and how do you know if you even need one? Platform beds are known for their simple, modern design. They’re low to the ground and do not require a boxspring on top of them. They can have different designs to be supportive, but the Thuma utilizes slats to act as the support system for your mattress. 

All mattress types (foam, innerspring, and hybrid) can work with a platform bed frame. Anyone looking for a strong foundation for their mattress and added support could benefit from having one.

Who should buy the Thuma Bed Frame

  • Shoppers wanting a contemporary aesthetic should like the Thuma Bed Frame. It has a very clean, minimalist look. The frame comes in three different colors and comes in either a PillowBoard model or a Headboard model. The Headboard model matches the rest of the frame with an added wooden headboard, while the PillowBoard model comes in three different pillow colors, so you can really customize your look.
  • Anyone searching for a high-quality bed frame should like The Bed. I’ll dig into its materials more later on, but it’s made of handcrafted, repurposed wood that is not only very polished-looking, but also super durable.
  • If you want a frame that’s easy to assemble, look no further than the Thuma Bed Frame. It requires no tools (just hand-tightened screws) and is very simple to set up. I’ll go over the assembly process more soon.
The Bed has rounded corners.

Who might not need the Thuma Bed Frame

  • If you’re looking to have storage space beneath your bed, this frame may be too low to the ground for you. 
  • Budget shoppers will probably want to look for a more affordable option. This frame has some great materials — and the price tag reflects that. It’s also more expensive to choose the Headboard model over the PillowBoard model. However, it does come with a lifetime warranty to help make it worth your money.
  • Sleepers who don’t want a solid wood bed frame will likely want to look elsewhere, since that’s the only material this one comes in. 

How Do I Set Up The Thuma Bed Frame?

The Thuma Bed arrives in three separate boxes. Each box is designed to be able to be carried upstairs and through hallways. They’re labeled for which order to open them in, and no tools are required for the setup process — so you can put that screwdriver away. The Bed utilizes the Japanese joinery technique, which means it’s made of high-quality wood and without the use of metal fasteners or adhesives.

I tested the Thuma PillowBoard model. It took my coworker and I about 15 minutes to set the frame up. 

Thuma Bed Frame Set Up Instructions

  1. Open Box 1 and Box 2.
  2. Create space in the area where you want the frame to be.
  3. Arrange long rails on each side of where the bed will be with the “U” joints facing out
  4. Arrange the short rails at the head and foot of where the bed will be with the “U” joints facing in.
  5. Step in the center of the frame with the leg pieces.
  6. Go corner by corner, standing up the leg pieces and inserting the long rail into the joint. Make sure the “U” joint is facing up. While balancing the leg and long rail, pick up the short rail and insert it with the “U” facing down.
  7. Once all four corners are done, place the second short rail into the third and fourth legs. 
  8. Screw the center leg into the center rail.
  9. Place the center rail inside of the horseshoes on the inside of the frame. 
  10. Take the screws and hand tighten them through the short rail into the center rail.
  11. Lay the rolled slats down at the head of the bed.
  12. Place the first slat between the short rail and slat stop to hold it in place.
  13. Roll the wooden slats down to the other end.
  14. Place the last slat between the short rail and slat stop to keep it tight.
  15. Adjust as needed. 
  16. If you have the PillowBoard model, adjust the pillow between the mattress and back wall. 

Thuma Bed Frame

Thuma Bed Frame

The Bed by Thuma is the company’s platform bed frame. It’s gained popularity for its sleek, modern design and how easy it is to assemble. It comes in multiple colors in either a PillowBoard or Headboard model.

What Is The Thuma Bed Frame Made Of?

I’ve mentioned this bed frame is high-quality, but what exactly is it made of? The Bed is handcrafted and made of repurposed wood. The company uses eco-friendly rubberwood from rubber tree plantations. There’s no medium-density fiberboard, or MDF (plywood), or wood veneers involved in this product. The bottom of each leg has pre-applied, cork-padded bottoms to keep the floor protected as well. The slats in the bed frame are lined with eco-felt made from recycled plastics. 

The PillowBoard cover is made of what the brand calls pebbled linen-weave fabric. If you opt for the Headboard model, it’s made from 100 percent upcycled wood. 

Thuma Bed Frame Sizes and Prices

Price point is usually an important factor for most shoppers, so let’s go over how much the Thuma Bed costs. Be sure to click our coupons throughout this article to save even more. 

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

Size Price (PillowBoard) Price (Headboard)
Twin $795 Out of stock
Full $995 Out of stock
Queen $1,095 $1,695
King $1,195 $1,895
California King $1,195 $1,895
Daybed $995 N/A

It comes in a twin size, full size, queen size, king size, California king size, and a daybed size. The daybed is a twin-sized bed that comes with three PillowBoards, so you can configure them to your liking. The head of the PillowBed has a 35-inch profile, while the Headboard model’s is 39 inches. The foot of the bed for both is 13 inches in height. 

Colors can also be important depending on your current style or future bedroom look. The Bed comes in walnut, natural, and espresso. The color walnut is the least expensive option. Then the PillowBoard comes in dark charcoal, fog grey, and light linen. 

I tested the walnut frame with the light linen PillowBoard.

A look at the light linen PillowBoard.

My Verdict on the Thuma Bed Frame

I was really impressed by the Thuma Bed. I personally really like a sleek, modern design — and this definitely fits that bill. You can tell the wood is durable and high-quality based on how thick it is and how nice it feels. It stayed in place well and wasn’t noisy. I like how there are different color options you can choose from as well in order to find the best fit for you. And of course, the easy assembly was a major perk. This wasn’t my first time building furniture, and there was no frustration or confusion like I’ve had before with other assembly processes. Overall, I also really like platform beds since they can work with any mattress and don’t require a bed skirt or boxspring.

The Thuma Mattress and bed frame in the Sleepopolis studio.

However, I think if I were to purchase this frame, I would go for the Headboard model over the PillowBoard model. The pillow loosely fits between the frame and the wall and didn’t feel super secure or sturdy to me. The Headboard option is more expensive though and to that point, I don’t think either option is a great fit for shoppers on a budget. Although I really liked the look of the frame and its rounded corners, I will say the screw end that sticks out at the front of the bed kind of bothered me and I wish they made it look more like the rest of the wood. Super minor, but worth noting. I also want to point out that platform beds may not be the best for anyone looking for extra storage space under the bed.

I personally don’t love the black screw end that you can see here on The Bed.

Thuma Bed Frame

Thuma Bed Frame

The Bed by Thuma is the company’s platform bed frame. It’s gained popularity for its sleek, modern design and how easy it is to assemble. It comes in multiple colors in either a PillowBoard or Headboard model.

Thuma Bed Frame Policies and FAQs

How does the Thuma Bed ship?

Thuma offers free shipping over $95, so this frame ships for free.

Does the Thuma Bed have a trial period?

Yep! It comes with a 100-night trial period.

Does the Thuma Bed come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

How hard is the Thuma bed to set up?

I found it relatively simple to set up, but I did have a coworker help me. It took two of us about 15 minutes to do. I’d recommend having a second helping hand if possible, but I think someone could set it up by themselves within 45 minutes to an hour. I’ve set up my fair share of frames before (shout-out to Ikea) and found this one to be very straightforward.

Does the Thuma Bed have underbed storage?

Part of the Thuma Bed’s look is being low-profile, so it doesn’t offer much room for underbed storage. It has nine inches of height/storage space beneath it.

Is the PillowBoard cover removable and washable?

Yep! The company recommends washing cold and hang drying, or dry cleaning as needed.

How much weight can the Bed support?

The company says the bed frame has a weight capacity of 1,500+ pounds.

Where are Thuma’s headquarters?

The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Thuma Bed Frame

Thuma Bed Frame

The Bed by Thuma is the company’s platform bed frame. It’s gained popularity for its sleek, modern design and how easy it is to assemble. It comes in multiple colors in either a PillowBoard or Headboard model.

Other Products from Thuma

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Thuma also offers a variety of other products. See below for which ones we’ve reviewed. 

Still deciding if the The Bed is the right bed frame for you? See how it performed on our star rating chart below.

  • Materials

  • Support

  • Value

  • Trial

  • Warranty

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