What do salmon and haberdashery have to do with upholstery? Just ask Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk is introducing several new fabric collections at High Point Market.

NORWALK, Ohio — Norwalk Furniture is offering distinctive color debuts for the upcoming High Point Market. With names such as “Fresh Caught” and “Peacoat,” the collections offer upholstery choices that go well beyond cream boucle.

The Wild Caught upholstery collection is focused on a rosy, pink salmon color with an underlay of terra cotta. The upholstery plays off this hue with a variety of desert-hued pinks and corals in linen, chenille, boucle and velvets. ‘We’re really very excited about this new reddish blush tone. We’ll be featuring this grouping in the center of the showroom. It’s quite dramatic,” said Chief Creative Officer Dixon Bartlett.

“For a long time, I’ve been a big proponent of caramel and camel colors. We’ve used these color tones and made the Haberdashery colorway as these play into traditional menswear fabrics with classic wool plaids, tartan plaids, menswear stripes and gray flannel. We’ll have menswear patterning highlighted in those vignettes,” said Bartlett. “We’re also interested in gingerbread brown, a soft, warm brown with a slight reddish undertone.”

He noted that these colors, although not ‘earth shattering,’ are comfortably familiar.

Norwalk’s Peacoat collection is focused on a traditional navy-and-white palette that has been energized with the use of black in fabrics and leathers. The company is introducing new leathers with a nubuck feel that have a soft hand matched with durability.

With the slowdown in demand and unpredictability in the market, Norwalk is still doing a full introduction for High Point. “We do think that the smart retailers, even the ones who have inventory — which will go down with lead times coming down — come the beginning of next year, they’re going to want to get into the order queue,” said Bartlett.

Norwalk has two new sofas to offer and two new chairs in the Kim Salmela line. In addition, the company will feature a new dining chair. A new ottoman called Vega is a square/rectangle in three different sizes with sloped sides to go with the company’s more modern products.

Bartlett is particularly excited about the Swan bed, inspired by a 19th-century French bed, offered in several sizes. It’s a one-off piece that is not part of the current Twilight program.

Norwalk Furniture showroom is located at the International Home Furnishings Center, space M-108.

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